To provide women with large busts with a greater variety of quality bras and intimate apparel. Uplifting will eliminate the common act of ‘settling’ for a bra, and replace it with the act of ‘falling in love’ with a bra. An  “uplifting experience” will allow customers’ hidden, and sometimes forgotten, inner beauty and confidence to resurface.


Our mission is to provide quality bras and service to women with large bust sizes; assuring women that they are wearing their correct bra sizes, aware of which bra styles offer their personal comfort and support preferences, and always have an uplifting experience that yields uplifting confidence.

About the Owner

Uplifting, LLC was established in 2011 by Houstonian, Jaleesa Brown. Having been a consumer of larger cup sized bras since her high school years, the owner was not satisfied with the limited variety, functionality, and attractiveness of the larger cup sized bras and intimate apparel in the Houston area, especially for young ladies. The owner feels that the industry overlooks this market segment in addition to many women overlooking the importance of wearing their correct bra sizes. Once introduced to the concept of bra retailers catering to women who wear larger cup sizes, Jaleesa Brown became determined to introduce that concept to the Houston area, as well as introducing new brands. The owner has made it a goal to help as many women as possible in the Greater Houston area, causing an ‘uplifting epidemic.’